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Hello world!

Well hello!  You find me here writing the very first post of my very first blog.  Please make allowances while I get used to it.

On the very few occasions I have considered writing a diary, I have found my head filling with potential criticisms and stopped pretty quickly.  I’m finding that something similar happens when starting a blog.  Allow me to quote some of the voices in my head :

Why would you think anyone’s interested in what you have to say?  You’ll write bad sentences about boring subjects.

Blogs are just a passing fad.

Why not spend that time just getting on with some work?

You won’t persevere with it; your meagre collection of posts will join all the other skeleton blogs and websites which together form humanity’s vast tribute to failed diligence.

Aren’t you aware that almost every blog starts with tedious self-examination?

Maybe these are good points.  Maybe not.  Maybe I’ll post responses at some point, but not now; this isn’t a blog about blogging.  At the moment, I’m looking forward to it all and I have sufficient responses to these criticisms to still think it’s a pretty good idea.

…and so I declare this new blog open.  May it have at least one interesting to say about doing cool things with evolution in computers.  May at least one of its entries be read and enjoyed.  May it make at least one lunch break a little bit more interesting.  May it stimulate at least one discussion in its comments sections.  May it help at least one person to understand a smidgen of the excitement I feel about TMBL.

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  1. long
    July 13, 2010 at 20:40

    Glad to know that you are doing TMBL that intrigues your passion and makes you feel exited. The core idea seems to be quite simple, even though I don’t quite understand your theory.

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