What’s It All About?  TMBL?

This is a blog about TMBL and other gubbins that I consider suitably related.  TMBL is a way of using evolution in computers to create interesting computer behaviours.  There is a very well established way of doing this called Genetic Programming (GP).  I want to encourage the evolution to go on for longer and with this aim in mind,  I have proposed TMBL as a baby sister to GP.

If you’ve never heard of any of this stuff, I hope this blog will convince you that it’s really rather interesting (even if you think it sounds tremendously boring at the moment).  If you’re familiar with GP, I hope that this blog will convince you that TMBL has something to add.

Who Are You?  Where Do You Come From?

Me?  Oh, I’m Tony Lewis.  I’m doing a PhD in the Department of Computer Science at Birkbeck and I work at the London Knowledge Lab.  My username is tweakingmutation.

Do you Know The Rules of the Blog?

WordPress have their own terms and conditions that we must all stick to.  Beyond them, I will try to stick to the following:

  • If should try to make any significant changes to posts clear.  This doesn’t apply to pages and it doesn’t apply to minor editing, correcting and redrafting.
  • I shouldn’t remove comments unless they’re spam or inappropriate.
  • I may update these rules (particularly if I find I’m failing to stick to them).

…and I ask you to try to stick to the following:

  • Please consider putting your thoughts on the blog in comments – I’d like to hear them.
  • In particular, if you think one of my posts is wrong or disagree with its assumptions then please find a way to put your thoughts into a constructive comment.

Enjoy your stay.

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