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The First TMBL Poster

As I previously mentioned, I hope to use this blog to explain the ideas of TMBL but I’m aware that until then it would be useful to give some sources of information.  With that in mind, here’s my (recently finished) first TMBL poster…

Warning: The full size version is pretty big (3311 x 4681)

Poster Explaining TMBL For CEC 2010

My Poster To Help Me Explain TMBL to People At WCCI CEC 2010

I’m off to WCCI 2010 in Barcelona next week (hurrah) and this poster is to help me explain TMBL to folks there.

UPDATE: I’ve just had it printed at A0 and I’m pretty pleased with how it looks but I’ve spotted a mistake.  Kudos to anyone else that spots it (and it’s a small grammatical error so “it’s all nonsense mate” doesn’t count).

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